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If you’re looking to create not the usual event, but an experience that people won’t be able to stop talking about, look no further.

Speaking Topics

Brand Yourself Brilliantly & Market Like Madonna & Profit Like a Rock Star!

3 secrets to Being Remarkable that will make you shine like a Rock Star!

We all want our business to stand out but it seems impossible in the current Sea of marketing noise. To be noticed you need to stand out like a Rock Star. In this insightful and humorous talk you will discover:

* Why Madonna is the perfect model for your business
* What every B-Girl (successful business woman) Knows. (It’s not what you think)
* How to stand out with a Head Whippin’ Hook

You will leave this talk with renewed energy and clarity around your business message and how to make it remarkable.

Psst the secret is: It’s Smart to Fit in but It’s Brilliant to Stand Out!

How to Get 3 Clients in 27 Days – Even If You Don’t Know Anyone!

In this talk you will discover your don’t need Social Media, a Website or even Business Cards (ok maybe business cards) to get clients, build your list quickly and easily convert interest into profit.

In this talk Ann takes you step by step into the 3/27 principles and you will learn how to:
* Fill your pipeline fast
* Follow up
* Get Presentations/consultations
* Close sales without being Salesy or Sleazy

Get Unruly And Get Rich: Create, Innovate and Be Audacious!

Heart-centered Principles for Business and Life

In this fresh, unique and inspiring talk Ann reveals the 7 Unruly Principals every successful Business owner needs to know. Being a successful entrepreneur requires breaking the rules. Being a Maverick and following your own path. You will discover the Principles for being Unruly that will transform “The Weather in your Head” and challenge your ideas about yourself and your business. This is the essential tool that makes all the marketing tactics and strategies actually work.
*How Unruly Are You?
*Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
*Don’t Ask Your Friends or Relatives
*Don’t Know Nothin’ About Nothin’
*Dig for the Directions Inside the Box?????
*Build Your Trust and Faith
*Create Your Own Unruly Ideal