Renegade Branding & Messaging Program

6 month time commitment*/ working closely with me to create your authentic marketing

What You Get:

(Private coaching with Me) Coaching Accountability + Mindset (3 sessions /45 min each/a month) 4 Extra Calls (15 min) once a week check-ins during the month when needed. Unlimited Emails /Text — “Genius Time” to download ideas and answer questions

Extra Bonus:

VIP (2 hour) Planning Session to get you on tract fast and Marketing Diagnostic so you know what you need to do first and get implemented. You will have access to the MME group program videos & special interviews for extra support. And my new book: Laughing Your Way to Loving Yourself (Priceless)

Together we will write and build your authentic marketing messaging.

  • Personal Branding Style (Your Unique Voice): Create your Movement,
    Manifesto / Pov & Personal Philosophy
  • Create Authentic Marketing Messages: Taglines, Head Whippin’ Hooks,
    Personal Story, Kick-Ass Op-In, Client getting questions
  • Product Development: eZine content development plan, Packaging & Creating a Signature Program or Method
  • Create the best strategies for your business model & lifestyle
  • Create a 60 day, 90 day and year long marketing plan to reach your goals

When we are done you will have everything you need for your marketing and website. And access to my resources and team for implementation and getting you set up quickly and putting your marketing on autopilot (extra fee applies)

This is for you if:

You are YES, bring it on! A go–getter, ready to play full-out, implement and finally get all your marketing messaging working for you and moving yourself forward fast building the business and life you love.

*If you are interested in our done for you branding and marketing package ask me if it is right for you. It’s not for everyone, we only work with a few select people. You will be able to apply your “messaging program” investment to the Iconic Branding Program