About Ann

A renegade, creative entrepreneur, curiosity and courage driven, dedicated to helping you to own and unleash your unique self.

About Ann

A renegade, creative entrepreneur, curiosity and courage driven, dedicated to helping you to own and unleash your unique self.

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s this:

Every ounce of my success came from showing up as EXACTLY who I am.

The interesting thing is: I believe with every fiber and ounce of my being that is exactly where your success can come from. Not the scratch-and-claw-and-eeek-it-out success so many of us struggle to achieve.


Rebel 100%
Renegade 100%
Revolutionary 100%
Radically Self-Expressed 100%

But the rock star success you know is literally inches away … if you could just figure out how to make it happen.

Here’s how I figured it out (and how you can too!)

As early as I can remember I just didn’t fit in…Incessantly picked on as the odd ball. There always as a slight twist to my point of view and edge to my emotions so because of that I spent many solitary hours painting, writing and playing music. As an artist it felt right be rebellious and break the rules.

Leaving my California roots and taking up residence in New York City fueled my creative passion, where just another mis-fit could fit in. Arriving in 1980 the gritty city was still dangerous, raw and full of possibilities. The art scene was exploding and I found myself right in the middle of it.

And that’s where I saw it – my way out – and knew it wouldn’t (and couldn’t) be like anyone else …

It was the first night I saw Madonna play, out in a small dark scratchy club… back when no one knew her, and you might have mistaken her for just another aspiring wanna be but, even then you could instantly see she WASN’T like anyone else. What was amazing about her was she held the space like she was already a super nova rock star, commanding the room and filling it with her magnetic energy. She was outrageously bold, controversial and had her own personal style.

She showed up as EXACTLY who she was and dared her audience to follow… and they did.

As a revolutionary brand specialist that’s exactly what I help you do: Show up as EXACTLY who YOU really are, and build a platform around that which will skyrocket your profits. Your audience will know in an instant: Your talks, your products, your programs, your events, and your workshops AREN’T like anyone else.

So just like Madonna, you create a massive following. Not by suppressing your rebel spirit. But by celebrating it!

But Madonna knew just being bold wasn’t enough. She needed a unique voice and a way to take over the market and be seen…MTV became her platform and she co-opted iconic Marilyn Monroe images and even stared in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan.

That key to her success, can be the key to yours: Just one bold element still can leave you struggling and broke, but when you know what makes you uniquely YOU, then you can message it in a way that instantly connects with the people who need you. When you can infuse that into every single thing you offer … you can’t help but skyrocket your success.

Because when you show up as YOU, so does the money. When I moved on to work in the high world of New York fashion, I found the same thing. Sure, there are strategies to follow to be successful in that world. But they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t stand out with your unique brand, voice and style.

When I worked at Vogue Magazine there were a lot of amazing talented people that were passionate but didn’t make it. It really was the rule breakers that got their foot in the door. It was the ones with strong branded voices and messages supported by their talent that made more than just a big runway splash…but powered them to become the Icons of the industry.

I infuse that same energy and revolutionary spirit into every client I work with and in every project we work on together; helping to unleash your rebel voicecraft your renegade programs, and create your unique signature services that build revolutionary revenues.


It’s smart to fit in… but it’s Brilliant and Profitable to Stand Out!

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