for Rebels, Renegades
& Revolutionaries

Renegade Brand Experience

Mini Master Mind

This program is for the badass business building babe who is ready and committed to locking in the 4 elements that can dramatically rev-up your revenue, visibility and success.

Join us in 2 powerful, intimate gatherings every month that put the focus squarely on you: What makes you different, what makes you shine, what makes you the ONLY choice!

You’ll then build these into a powerful message and brand that ignites your authority, escalates your visibility and accelerates your profits!

What's Included

  • Your Renegade Message: Capture your magic in a way that makes them want you!
  • Your Renegade Brand Essence: The voice, vibe and visuals that get you noticed instantly
  • Your Sizzling Signature Talk: Enchant and enroll your ideal audience with your one-of-a-kind essence, voice and vibe
  • Blockbuster Branded Program: Scale your profits by Packaging your signature genius into a powerful program
Promise of Working together

The focus is for you to master your business chops, capture and create your next stage of biz growth and explode your profits. All with the support of a small group of elite motivated entrepreneurs.

Renegade Messaging

What would be possible for you if you had the credibility, visibility, and authority you want with your audience? So every time you show up as your true self (authentically you), people lean in with curiosity an interest because they get your value and want to work with you. In this program you will align your business to fully express your voice, vibe and values so you can connect authentically and effortlessly with your Ideal Clients.

What Makes YOU Fascinating— Use your personality Wow factor to connect deeply and captivate your audience

Manifesto—Your big vision and what you stand for (personal and business)

Branded hooks— Titles for your emails, Facebook /LinkedIn and Videos /All communication

Irresistible IntroductionSimple sizzling expression of what you do (15 words or less)

The Big Promise —Craft Benefit Statements that get your clients to see you are the only one to work with

Story Power— “Light’s out!” storytelling and hooky messages that will bring the house down.

Promise of Working together
You will have crystal clear clarity on your message and know how to deliver it powerfully. Know how to sell your offerings easily with the power of your own stories to make an impact inspire and magnetize your ideal clients to buy from you using your personal WOW factor.

Renegade Branding Group Program

This program is for the badass business building babes who know it’s time to make their dreams a reality. And to stop struggling, get trained and build a business the renegade way with the 4-Master keys for success. We will be meeting 2 times a month for intensive focus on your progress and an additional 3 times a month for hyper focus implementation to keep you on track and moving forward toward your goals.

4 Core Trainings You Need to Monetize FAST!

  • Message Training: Clarity and Confidence to Communicate Your Value and Benefits
  • Brand Training: Know Your Authentic Self and How to Visually Express Your Core Voice
  • Branded Program: Making Your Program One Of A Kind
  • Signature Talk Training: Incorporate Your Essence, Voice and Vibe Into Your Talk to Capture Your Clients
Promise of Working together

The focus is for you to walk away with a highly engaging message, talk that gets you booked, a product or program they want to buy, and the closing skills that ensure you actually earn what you’re worth (finally!)