how focusing on your ideal client can double you profits

How Focusing on Your Ideal Client Can Double Your Profits

Are you all over the place when it comes to serving your clients?

If you are, then you’ll want to watch this video where I share how one of my clients was able to double and triple her income by making this one shift.

Connie Zeller of Salty Bee Events is a successful entrepreneur who creates Transformational Events that bring people together who are driven to help others, disrupt the status quo, and make a difference.

I share the story in this video of how Connie came to me during the start of the pandemic knowing that she had to shift her business. With my help we got her to focus on one thing…who was her perfect right fit client and how could she serve them?

Find out what she did that helped her to double and then triple her income at a time when many entrepreneurs were giving up.

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