Renegade Brand Archetypes

How to Create Your Renegade Brand Archetypes

In this video, Ann Bennett shows you how to Get your Brand Archetype… Why you Gotta have it.

80 % of Buying decisions are Emotional and based on your VIBE. Your Brand Archetype creates a powerful framework and voice for your Brand so you are memorable and make Bank $$$.

Here’s what she covers:

1. How you can stand out in the crowded marketplace using your unique Voice that is generated by your Renegade Brand Archetype?

2. How to express your point of view and interrupt the status quo (disruptor POV)

3. How you can use it to structure all of your marketing materials

To help you out …The next step for you is to get my free simple guide call Brand Story DVA. There you will discover your Renegade Archetype and how to message it and use it to express your Brand Voice that will attract clients like crazy..

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