Real Raw & Relevant with Diane Halfman

Extreme Self Care: Are you living a Spa Life?

One of my gal-pal entrepreneurs seamlessly gets new clients every time she goes to the Spa for some pampering.

While she’s getting a massage, in the sauna and soaking in the tub, the phone is ringing off the hook.


Forgettabout the HUSTLE and GRIND.

It’s time for complete surrender to Extreme Self Care.

I know, right!

It’s counter intuitive and yet the results speak for themselves.

Either way results or no results you will FEEL GOOD.

And that is 90 % of sales and building your business consistently.

So join me and my special guest Diane Halfman the CEO of SpaLife for Real, Raw & Relevant TV and tap into loving yourself up with Extreme Self Care.

And get some master tips from the Love Diva, herself.

It’s time to reset, reboot and re-inspire yourself and your business.

You deserve it.

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About Diane Halfman:

Diane shows high-achieving women entrepreneurs how to create a life where ambition, accomplishment and harmony coexist.

She helps you clear the way from your stuff, to your space, to your soul, so you can be your best self.

Diane’s credentials are diverse and include a career as a Police Officer, an Ultimate Game of Life Certified coach, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management; all of which enable her to see beyond the facades that keep many people in overwhelm.

She shows you how to set up your environments to automatically fast forward you to reaching your goals, instead of using “just willpower” to try to achieve them.

Giving back has always been at the core of Diane’s work. 10% of her sales go to charities, with a focus on women and children’s health.

Just think what she can do for you!