Renegade Branding Group Program

This program is for the badass business building babes who know it’s time to make their dreams a reality. And to stop struggling, get trained and build a business the renegade way with the 4-Master keys for success. We will be meeting 2 times a month for intensive focus on your progress and an additional 3 times a month for hyper focus implementation to keep you on track and moving forward toward your goals.

Promise of our work together

The focus is for you to walk away with a highly engaging message, talk that gets you booked, a product or program they want to buy, and the closing skills that ensure you actually earn what you’re worth (finally!)

4 Core Trainings waiting for them:  4 core things you need to monetize FAST!

Message Training

  • Head-Whipping Hook – Lean in
  • Intro that Grabs Attention – explanation behind the hook
  • Hot Topics and Titles for Blogs and Videos

Brand Training:  The exact essence of what you represent

  • Brand Essence + Expression: Visuals
  • Voice – What you stand for / represents / what they aspire to / the movement
  • Vibe – the consistent authentic energy / personality behind the voice / this is
    where the Archetype comes in (examples)
  • Visuals – How the Voice and Vibe are expressed visually in your entire

Signature Talk Training:  Incorporates Essence, Voice, Vibe in your talk

  • Personal story
  • Personal brand  >  Outcomes without the Personal difference is a non-starter
  • Three Crucial Messages >  What do they absolutely have to know / need

Branded Program:  Making Your Program One of a Kind

  • Brand Essence + Expression: Visuals
  • Voice / Vibe of Your Program:  What makes it belong to you (and not
    someone else)
  • Creating emotional attraction to their program
    3-5 must-have “velocity values” outcomes
  • Group / Hybrid / VIP-Elite


4 Trainings Delivered LIVE …

  • Speaker One-Sheet / Speaker Reel
  • Booking Talks
  • Strategic Profit Plan
  • Conversations to Clients:  Enrollment Secrets

2-Hour Closing Intensive:

  • Closing into comp sessions / selling from the stage / in comps sessions / moving people from Networking to comp sessions / Role Plays …

Ann Bennett Approved Head-Whipping Hook