Real Raw & Relevant with Christie Miller

When I first started my business my gal-pal, Liz and I would say  “I guess you have to be overweight (fat) to be successful”.

We were joking, of course.


It seemed that everywhere we looked the successful women entrepreneurs had an extra (little bit) of weight on.

Known lovingly as the successful entrepreneur 15 lbs.

I think it’s because we put our health and wellness on the back burner while building our businesses.

Or perhaps, it’s that late night bowl of Ben and Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia” (my favorite)

So if you are finding your health, vitality and sexiness are on hold —around your middle, You are sooo lucky!

Because I am interviewing the amazing Christie Miller, certified nutrition specialist, personal trainer, life coach,

And all-around “Let’s Just Do This” lady.

This is one yummy meal you don’t want to miss.

It’s all about YOU GET TO WIN.

Together we are going to get real about weight (me too!) energy and bringing sexy back!

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About Christie Miller

Eat Train Win

I am a native Southern California girl who loves living life to its fullest. I never met a challenge I didn’t enjoy. My friends call me “Balls to the Wall Miller” but I’m more concerned with being happy than being perfect.

And the good news is we can all attain happiness! It hasn’t been easy for me though. Years ago, I was 28 pounds heavier. I had no energy. I was disappointed in myself and my life was completely out of balance.

But you know what? I turned it around in my 40s with simple steps that can work for you! My dramatic transformation explains why I was a paid spokesperson for a national weight loss company from 2011 to 2013.

Now it’s time for me to help you shed the extra pounds and emotional baggage that often accompanies it to live the life you love and deserve.

Learn more about Christie Miller here