Real Raw & Relevant with Michelle Mor

How to harness the power of your Imagination and Manifest anything that you Desire!

A mind is a beautiful thing to waste.

You have heard it before “When we know better we will do better”.

But what if that is not true?

Einstein said that the true sign of intelligence is not Knowledge,

It’s Imagination.

So then why do we need to know HOW before allow ourselves to Dream
a life we want to live?

Or make the money we want to make, or have the relationships we want to have?

You might be saying to yourself, “I have done so many positive affirmations and vision boards….”

Right? (me too)

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Get the one thing that will turn it all around for you.

Watch the interview I have with the awesome “Manifestation Queen” Michelle Mor.

Be More. Have More. Live More.

It’s a unique conversation that focuses on the power of your imagination and the universal laws of manifestation.

Gawah ‘head give yourself some LOVE.

Manifest anything that you Desire!

About Michelle Mor

I began my journey in personal development and healing after two failed marriages and really searching for my purpose in life. I was a single mom and wanted to raise my daughter to be a confident young woman even though she was balancing two different households.

I gained clarity in what I wanted in life, I found my life’s purpose and I began to let go of relationships that were toxic. This was a very difficult time in my life and it took a toll on me temporarily but as I began to heal the Vortex of darkness that had consumed me began to fade away and my energy came back, I felt light and began to see the possibilities for my future. I now live my life with Joy and Passion standing for what I believe is right and I am committed to supporting women in having the same.

When I began working with women I could see their confidence and self-esteem go beyond their expectations and since then I have created a career in supporting women in having it all.

I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of groups of people, I am living my dream and I’ve created “The Time is Now Coaching” program where we identify your limiting beliefs that stop you in life to realizing your dream, fulfill your purpose and live your life with passion.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach from The institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC

Certified John Maxwell Coach

Graduate of landmark Education, World Works Inc. and soon to be working with Bettie Spruill.